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About us

Our passion for cork began a long time ago, back in 2013 with the creation of the brand Cesarscork

Our goal is to use cork to make an eco-friendly and 100% handmade product produced in Portugal, with an outstanding manufacture valuing excellence. We are recognized as a premium and sustainable brand which stands out since we provide unique and top-level products.


Natural Cork Backpack and Duffel Bag on Grass near the Beach


Each piece is distinctive and has its own characteristics. The fabric is particularly durable, water resistant and extraordinarily smooth. The interior is in velvet, which is, without a doubt, very pleasant to touch.
As History lovers, we have decided that each product would have its own Latin name representing European Cities and Flowers portraying the greatness of the roman empire and its presence in Europe.


Cork Bags and Wallets 

Throughout the years we have been participating in fairs such as “Ecostyle”, "Ornaris" and “Bea”, in Germany and Switzerland accordingly, which helped us gain attention to our brand and also raise awareness to cork as a sustainable and vegan material to produce handbags, bags, wallets and gifts.


Exhibition with Cork Backpacks Handbags and Accessories


At first, we struggled to make a product that corresponded to our expectations. However, through trial and error we eventually were able to come up with products that we are truly proud of. This is the reason why we created this website, so that we could sell to you a product that we believe in and are sure will make you happy.
This brand does not only looks good on you, looks good on the planet.

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